March 2015 Employee Awards

Congrats to Ericka Wilcox (DSP) for being selected as the March Employee of the Month.  Ericka was nominated for devoting her work time and efforts towards not just implementing positive behavior supports, but figuring out how to help a person learn appropriate coping skills and adaptive behavior.  Ericka was also nominated for her response to a medical emergency – recognizing that a person needed assistance and implementing her training to provide the assistance. Ericka is recognized as the March Employee of the Month for living out the Kalix aDAPT values every day! Congratulations to the other nominees: Desirae Armstrong (DSP),...
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Earth Day 2015 Recycling Efforts Recap

Once again, the Kalix Recycling Center in Minot had a successful Earth Day. Kalix was featured by local news reports which can be viewed below. If you would like more information about the Kalix Recycling Center please visit the Recycling section. Earth Day at Minot Recycling Center – KMOT  Recycling Center Busy on Earth Day – KX NEWS

Come celebrate Earth Day with us at the Kalix Recycling Center!

By clipping our coupon, you could earn double tokens for recyclables (excluding aluminum) during the month of April that can be used like cash at Marketplace or donated to a local school of your choice. Save your aluminum for Earth Day, April 22nd, when you will receive a premium token price!  You’ll also still get the double tokens, with no coupon required.  And if you are one of the first 100 people that bring in an empty plastic bottle, you’ll receive a free giveaway, all thanks to our sponsors!

YWCA Honors Kalix March 2015

Kalix was honored at the 2015 YWCA “Women of Distinction” banquet in the “Organizational” category for empowering women. Kalix employs 348 staff, of which 73% are women. Two-thirds of the upper management positions at Kalix are currently filled by women (including the CEO), and 70% of all management, professional, leadership, and supervisory positions are women. Kalix employs people with a variety of training and specialties, including degrees in Special Education, Social Work, and other behavioral sciences, plus degrees in Nursing, Accounting and Computer Science. In addition, Kalix offers a comprehensive training program in developing and implementing plans to support people...
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February 2015 Employee Awards

Congrats to Carla Soto (TCLF 1109), for being selected as February Employee of the Month. During a recent emergency, Carla remained calm, followed training protocol, and did everything exactly correct.  The nomination notes that Carla has Kalix values as shown during that event:  DEPENDABILITY by following procedures, ADAPTABILITY by performing in a new situation, TEAMWORK by working with other staff present during the situation, and PROFESSIONALISM by representing Kalix well with emergency personnel.  Thank you, Carla, for all you do! Congratulations to the other nominees: Tracey Wallstrum (DSP), Justine Brown (ISLA), Jesika Sullivan (DSP), Carol Delorme (MSLA ), Rebecca Hoffman...
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Liftware- Eat with Independence

Eating meals with standard eating utensils is a task many people don’t think twice about, but for those with Parkinson disease and Essential Tremor, meal time can become a frustrating and time consuming process. Many of the people we support use silverware with various adaptations like a weighted spoon, curved fork, or a knife with a built-up handle for better grip. These adaptations are great and have helped many eat with more independence, but for some people with intensive tremors may still have difficulties when transporting food from the plate to their mouth without spilling. Liftware is a stabilizing eating utensil made specifically for people...
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January 2015 Employee Awards

Congrats to Ben Chapin (DSP), a 10 year veteran, for being selected as Employee of the Month for January.  Ben received two different nominations during the month that recognized him for his dependability within the DSP program and for his adaptability and teamwork in taking on challenges that are presented to him without hesitation.  Both nominations mention Ben’s investment in quality programming and proactively seeking positive ways to interact in even the most challenging situations.  Thank you, Ben, for displaying the Kalix values:  DEPENDABILITY, ADAPTABILITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND TEAMWORK! Congratulations to the other nominees: Robin Delorme (Belcourt/Rolla), Paula Seabolt (MSLA), RaeLynn...
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December 2014 Employee Awards

Congrats to White Bader (TCLF 1109) for being selected as Employee of the Month for December. The nomination recognizes White for her dependability and adaptability within the 1109 Program. Among other things, White takes on the responsibility in assisting with training new staff and also encourages all staff to follow new changes within the program such as MyPlate nutrition concept.  Thank you, White, for displaying the Kalix values:  DEPENDABILITY, ADAPTABILITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND TEAMWORK!     Congratulations to the other nominees: Jesika Sulivan (DSP), Tiffany Gulbranson (DSP), Sarah Peterson (1105).

AT- Making Bathroom Access Easy

The bathroom is one of the most visited and reserved places in a home, at least for most of us it is. For some people, accessing the typical bathroom fixtures isn’t a simple process and may require expensive modifications to the layout as we age and our needs change. Thankfully, minor modifications can protect privacy by allowing someone to use the facilities independently, and maybe even allow someone with changing needs to continue living in their homes for a lengthened period of time. The AmeriGlide Bathlift allows anyone with mobility challenges access to their current bathtub with features that help the person enter and exist the tub safely. The bathlift is easy to install and uninstall,...
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November 2014 Employee Awards

Congrats to Jay Szichak (ICF 1007) for being selected as Employee of the Month for November.  Improved eating habits are notoriously difficult for all of us, so Jay’s success in implementing MyPlate menus in the 1007 kitchen is impressive. Thanks to Jay for his contribution towards healthy eating and for displaying the Kalix values:  ADAPTABILITY and TEAMWORK! Congratulations to the other nominees: Giles Snyder (ISLA), Taylor Potter (DSP), Gail Ogden (DSP), and Sherece Powell (1101).