Giving Hearts Day 2014

Kalix raised over $12,000 for our assistive technology program through the Giving Hearts Day program on February 13th.  A variety of promotions assisted the fund-raising efforts: The GHD Disability Awareness Challenge invited local celebrities to attempt completion of a variety of everyday tasks while contending with simulated disabilities Sweet & Flour offered free cupcakes to customers that made a donation Broadway Bean & Bagel made a donation for each sale of a Red Velvet Latte Eight participating local non-profits teamed up to get the word out using signs, Facebook, press releases, an audio clip from Josh Duhamel, and a video...
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February 2014 Employee of the Month

Congrats to Kendra Black (1109) for being selected as Employee of the Month for February 2014.  Kendra had two nominations this month which explain how Kendra exhibits the KALIX values of dependability, adaptability, professionalism and teamwork. Of all the nice things mentioned in the nominations for this award, the most dramatic comment is that Kendra… “inspires others around her to do better.”  Her positive attitude is infectious! Congrats, Kendra. Congrats to the other nominees: Becky Thorp (MSLA), Joe Stockard (MSLA), Johsua Robinson (MSLA), Amy Stewart (1005), Celeste Badke (ISLA), White Bader (1109), and Ronda Wolfe-Hartley (DSP)

Kalix in the news for Giving Hearts Day 2014

Giving Hearts Day 2014 was on Thursday February 13, 2014. Kalix raised over $12,000 to fund our assistive technology program.  A huge thank you to Mattson Construction, Minot Sertoma, and First Western Insurance for providing match donations! See links below for publicity re Giving Hearts Day 2014.   Links: Kalix Page  

The Pepsi Project

When a Pepsi truck slid into the ditch near Minot recently, a major catastrophe was avoided.  However, the local Pepsi distributor had a problem:  what to do with cases of canned and bottled beverages that couldn’t be sold or consumed? Kalix Recycling Center employees offered a solution.  Each can and bottle is being opened, drained, and then recycled.  It will take about three weeks to process the truckload of beverage containers.  When it’s done, Northern Bottling of Minot will have successfully disposed of unusable inventory.  The Kalix Recycling Center will recycle the cans and bottles.  And a group of hard-working...
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January 2014 Employee Awards

Congrats to Tange Stone (DSP) for being selected as Employee of the Month for January.  Tange has been employed at Kalix for 17 years and is recognized as a leader in the Day Supports Program – completing her own assignments, and then making sure that the many necessary tasks of support provision are done for others. Tange never hesitates to assist when and where needed and her primary concern is to meet the needs of those in the Program and with dignity and respect.  Tange definitely exhibits each of Kalix values:  Dependability, Adaptability, Professionalism and Teamwork. Congrats to the other...
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November 2013 Employee of the Month

Congrats to Jacques Lee (MSLA) for being selected as Employee of the Month for November 2013.  Jacques is recognized as a resource for all staff at MSLA – somebody that can step in and provide quality support to anybody in the building.  PLUS – he is known to proactively check on people so that he is there to provide assistance without being asked. Jacques definitely exhibits each of the KALIX values:  Dependability, Adaptability, Professionalism and Teamwork. Congrats to others nominees:  JoAnn Robbins (DSP) and Laurie Larson (MSLA).

Kalix Employee selected for Award October 2013

The Turtle Award at the First Annual Turtle Mountain Disabilities Conference was presented to Mary Lee Vandal. Ms. Vandal was nominated for the award by Duane L Gourneau, LCSW, for her efforts in keeping people involved “in meaningful work and activities” in the community with “grace and dignity”. Four awards were presented for improving the lives of individuals with disabilities in Rolette County. Ms. Vandal won in the professional adult category. The award was presented by Willie Davis, Transition Specialist for Vocational Rehabilitation and one of the organizers of the conference. Mary Lee Vandal has been a part of Kalix...
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October 2013 Employee of the Month

Congrats to Christina Poitra (Rolla DSP) for being selected as Employee of the Month for October 2013.  Christina is a dependable employee that works as part of the Day Supports team in Rolla.  Christina is able to work with people to improve appearance, grooming, and self-esteem – all of which contributes to quality of life!  Congratulations Christina for exemplifying KALIX values. Other nominees include:  Stacie Hoffart (DSP), Becky Thorp (MSLA) and Bryan Steier (ICF 1005).

September Star Award and Employees of the Month

For many years, Kalix has selected and recognized exceptional support staff and job coaches as Employee of the Month.  Similarly, a supervisor or other employee is recognized each quarter through selection for the STAR Award. All recipients are expected to act according to the Agency mission:  Privacy, Dignity, and Purpose for all People.  The Wellness Committee bases their recommendations for the award on the Kalix Values:  Dependability, Adaptability, Professionalism and Teamwork (aDAPT). Star of the Quarter  Melissa Hornaday joined Kalix in 2011, and is currently working as a Program Supervisor at our Transitional Care Living Facility (TCLF).  Melissa was nominated...
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Kalix in the news for Earth Day 2013

Kalix celebrated another Earth Day with customer specials and a long line of cars waiting to unload recyclables. A giant “Thank You” to area residents for supporting recycling, a cleaner earth, and employment for people with disabilities! You can see the full news article here: Minot Daily News Photo Credit: JILL HAMBEK Minot Daily News