July 2016 Employee Awards

Notable Nominees for July: Sunshine Jantzi (PA Minot), Aleshia Lucy (PMC), Eve Azure (MSLA Turtle Creek), Claudia Nettleton (Job Coach), Denise Hovda (TCLF 1101)

April 2016 Employee Awards

RESPECT AND EMPATHY Kari Sveen – DSP Minot Kari is being recognized for her skill with general positive interaction and implementing positive behavioral supports.  As a support staff, Kari is impressive as she is able to carry a conversation, lift peoples’ spirits by her words and enthusiasm, and can hold the line and be stern when necessary. Thank you, Kari, for the respect you show to all. Notable Nominees for April: Angela Fehr (Langdon), Marissa Williams ( Minot MSLA), Mary Kies (ICF 1005)

Curbside Recycling

Kalix has been involved in recycling for 20+ years, and we are very proud of our success in diverting thousands of tons of recyclable material to new uses instead of taking up space in the Minot landfill. However, we are limited in what we can do as a private organization. First, many people are unable or unwilling to devote the time and effort required to sort, save, and transport recyclables themselves. Second, Kalix doesn’t have enough capacity to accept all recyclable commodities. Third, there isn’t enough revenue from sale of recyclable materials to cover the cost of curbside pickup, and...
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Earth Day

Come celebrate Earth Day with us at the Kalix Recycling Center! During the week of Earth Day, April 18th through 23rd, you can automatically earn double tokens for recyclables (excluding aluminum) that can be used like cash at Marketplace Foods. Save your aluminum for Earth Day, April 22nd, when you will also receive a premium token price! And if you are one of the first 100 people to bring a plastic bottle, you’ll receive a free giveaway, all thanks to our sponsors!  

Opportunity: Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership (K.E.E.P.)

Every business wants a positive image, and some spend large sums of money in marketing and/or contributing to the community, both to participate in doing something worthwhile and to benefit from the public perception of doing something worthwhile. What is your response when presented with an opportunity to participate in a partnership that requires minimal investment of time and money, but has the potential of bringing in great benefits, including a positive impact on employee morale and company image? As part of a three-year grant from North Dakota Vocational Rehabilitation, Kalix is starting a program to expand employment opportunities for...
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March 2016 Employee Awards

  Notable Nominees for March: Miranda Anderson (Voc. PD); Leah Baker (Rolla ICF); Megan Buee (Accounting); Brooke Glasser (ISLA Minot); Katie Kalmbach (ISLA Minot); Val Kempf (TCLF 1101); Shayne York (ISLA Minot)  

February 2016 Employee Awards

Notable Nominees for February: White Bader (TCLF 1109); Mark Block (Laundry Proj. Mgr.); Bill Fulton (TCLF 1109); Dylan Hildenbrand; Laurie Larson (Minot MSLA); Symone Morin (Rolla MSLA); Erica Peach (MSLA Turtle Creek), Shantel Skorick (ISLA Minot); Joel Wobbema (ISLA Minot)

PocketDresser-Dress With Independence

Now that summer is here, it’s time to bring out the summer button up shirts and shorts, but for some this is easier said than done. One of the many things people take for granted everyday is getting dressed independently. Most of us don’t think twice about zippers, small buttons on shirts, and the large buttons on our jeans; but for people with limited fine motor skills or physical disabilities this is a challenge. The PocketDresser by IndeTools is a multi-tool dressing aid with 4 stainless steel tools to tackle different size zippers and buttons. The PocketDresser can be maneuvered...
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