Kalix Featured in Minot Area Development Corporations Newsletter

Kalix was recently featured in the Minot Area Development Corporations newsletter regarding the Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership Program.

In April 2016, Kalix launched the Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership (K.E.E.P.) Program, which partners with local businesses to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

“The benefits for the employee are huge. It’s so much more than a paycheck, it allows individuals to be included in regular life activities and interact with people,” explained Borgi Beeler, President/CEO of Kalix. Kalix provides hands-on training with a job coach, who helps the employee blend in and doesn’t draw attention to their disability. The job coach typically provides intensive training until the employee feels comfortable, then gradually starts to step back. K.E.E.P. provides job analysis, customized job creation, on the job training, employer education, and follow-up support. Full article at MADC.

For more information on the Kalix K.E.E.P. program, please visit the Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership page.