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Kalix Recycling Center: NEW HOURS

Starting May 1st, the Kalix Recycling Center will no longer be open on Mondays. Our new hours will be Tuesday-Friday 11:00AM-5:30PM and Saturday 11:00AM-4:00PM. Check out for the list of recyclables we accept. We continue to look forward to your business.

Kalix Helping Local Businesses Recycle

Kalix was recently featured; alongside another local Minot business, by KMOT for our effort to bring easy, eco-conscious recycling solutions to the community and local business. To view the entire article and video, click here: As a reminder, Earth Day is April 22nd and the Minot’s annual Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection is May...
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Employee Spotlight March 2019

Congrats to March’s Employee Spotlight recipient, Gail Ogden. Gail worked with staff to develop and implement communication supports that enable one gentleman to converse with people that he sees regularly. The system includes a book with phrases specific to his regular collection route for recycling, and allows him to independently make small talk and ask...
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Employee Spotlight February 2019

Adaptability Mickee Adams DSP, Minot Day Hab When plans to attend an event didn’t work out as expected, Mickee immediately created an alternate activity. Her quick thinking and positive attitude meant that the group was able to take advantage of their advance planning and enjoy the day out together. Teamwork and Collaboration Krista Opstedal Coordinator...
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Employee Spotlight December 2018

Congrats to December’s Employee Spotlight, Christina Poitra. When a new person enrolled in the Rolla Day Hab program several months ago, Christina worked hard to get to know him through research, creativity, and encouragement. Christina used the principles of Active Support to encourage him to participate in his daily routine. He now responds to verbal...
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Samantha’s Transportation Story

Check out how transportation empowers Samantha to work, socialize, and give back to her community. Please consider donating to the Kalix Transportation Fund so Samantha and many others can continue having access to affordable transportation to live the life they want.

Employee Spotlight November 2018

Congrats to November’s Employee Spotlight recipients, Josh Nelson and Bev Halton. New experiences can be challenging, but Josh and Bev have been creative in finding ways to take advantage of natural incentives. They are also careful to pick up on cues that indicate when the person they work with is fulfilled with the new activity....
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Kalix Sensory Garden – Fundraising 2018

Donations to the Kalix Sensory Garden, from now until the end of December, will be doubled by the “Twice Blessed” program through the St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation (up to $5,000).  For more information, watch the press conference or visit the Twice Blessed website to donate!

Employee Spotlight October 2018

Congrats to the October Employee Spotlight recipient, Sarah Boucher! Active Supports training has taught us the importance of making sure that everybody has opportunities to participate in life as much as possible, completing tasks or parts of tasks themselves instead of having staff do things for them. Sarah integrates Active Supports principles into finances! ABLE...
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