Employee Spotlight January 2024

Congrats to the Kalix Employee Spotlight winners for January 2024 – Amanda Daely and Lane Banister!

Thanks to Amanda for making a difference as part of the Kalix Discovery program!

Congratulations to Lane Banister, Residential Coordinator at Kalix.

Amanda Daelly - January 2024 - Amanda is one of many talended DSPs in the Kalix Discovery Program who makes sure that everybody in the program has opportunities to get out and participate in a variety of activities in Minot. Photo of Amanda with a client exploring a Minot activity.

Employee SPotlight - Lane Banister - January 2024 - Lane is comfortable in the kitchen, and uses the kitchen to connect with occupants of the home. Regular meals and special events are more meaningful when the group plans and prepares meals and treats together. The apron was a special gift.