Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight October 2018

Congrats to the October Employee Spotlight recipient, Sarah Boucher! Active Supports training has taught us the importance of making sure that everybody has opportunities to participate in life as much as possible, completing tasks or parts of tasks themselves instead of having staff do things for them. Sarah integrates Active Supports principles into finances! ABLE...
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Employee Spotlight September 2018

This summer, PreVocational staff maximized the training opportunities provided by tending a garden to incorporate many general work skills, even selling some of the produce, making signs to decorate the garden area, and building relationships with nearby gardeners. When staff organized an event to celebrate successful community employment for a year by two program participants,...
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Employee Spotlight August 2018

Congrats to the August Employee Spotlight recipients Stephanie Marquez, Ann Reistad-Bauer, Jesika Sullivan & Dustin Alderson! Stephanie successfully established a positive relationship with the military at the MAFB Fitness Center by being proactive and providing outstanding customer service. Fitness Center staff recently expressed their appreciation when Stephanie immediately took charge of cleaning up after an...
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Employee Spotlight July 2018

Congrats to Melissa Zietz and Robert Schaan for receiving July’s Employee Spotlight! Robert was nominated for two major achievements: (1) He successfully encouraged healthy eating habits and increased exercise for a person that had recently gained weight. Not only did the extra weight disappear, but one of his roommates also started working out at the...
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Employee Spotlight June 2018

Congrats to June’s Employee Spotlight selections: Naomi Kelly, Mason Schmidt, and Amy Michels! When a PMC requested detailed data in order to monitor the impact of medication changes for a person enrolled at 1005, Naomi took the initiative to take the data that was requested PLUS provided additional relevant information to support adjusting the medications...
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Employee of the Year 2018

Congrats to Wendal Ebach for receiving Employee of the Year! From daily interactions to major events, Wendal has been recognized multiple times for ensuring that people have positive experiences and a good day whenever he is around. We also hear directly from some of the men that he currently supports – the effort that he...
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Team of the Year 2018

Congrats to the GFAFB Supervisor team for receiving the 2018 Team of the Year! We avoid selecting employees/teams based on a single act in response to a crisis situation. In this case, there was a crisis situation. However, the award is to recognize more than the immediate reaction to the crisis. The team of GFAFB...
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Employee Spotlight May 2018

Congrats to May’s Employee Spotlight recipient, Stacey Greene. Stacey recognizes the importance of family connections and has taken steps to help one person feel connected to family by looking at pictures, talking about family members, even searching for online information about a brother that he hasn’t seen recently. Her efforts are working – the person...
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Employee Spotlight April 2018

Congrats to April’s Spotlight recipients, Lynette Schmike, Wendal Ebach, and the Active Support team: Diane Boutilier, Holly Peterson, Melody Baker, and Krista Opstedal. Lynette is being recognized for successfully increasing the frequency and variety of participation in community activities. Over the last few months, tenants from 1105 have attended an assortment of events, public shows,...
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