Enrollment in Kalix services starts with a referral made through the North Dakota Regional Human Services Centers (links to websites below). Staff at the regional human service center will screen for eligibility and assist in selecting appropriate services.

North Central Human Service Center

Lake Region Human Service Center

North East Human Service Center

Admission Process

People interested in adult services are encouraged to begin planning early. Thinking about goals, possible living arrangements, types of employment, recreational activities, money management, health issues, etc. helps prepare each person for the future.

Planning is important to ensure that the young adult remains eligible for continuous services, if needed. If a student graduates with a signed diploma before age 21, there may be a “gap” in available services. Early communication with a Developmental Disabilities Program Manager (DDPM) from the regional human service center can ensure a smooth transition from school to adult programming. Including an adult service provider, such as Kalix, in the IEP transition planning process is also helpful.

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