Employment Services

At Kalix, we believe that a job offers more than a paycheck. Having a job means having a place to go and something to do. A job provides a chance to meet new people, establish friendships, and enjoy the company of others. Work means learning something new, practicing old skills, and making a contribution by accomplishing something meaningful. Employment adds purpose to our lives, gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and is a normal part of life for most of us. Almost everybody can benefit from working.

So it’s no surprise that Kalix’s employment programs revolve around work!

Community Employment

Kalix provides assistance as needed to help people achieve their goals of independent employment in the community. Services include support with:

  • Career exploration and job selection
  • Soft Skill development (grooming, staying on-task, arriving on-time, etc.)
  • Resume development
  • Interviewing
  • Employer education
  • On-the-job training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Re-training as needed to handle changes in the workplace
  • Follow up to ensure continued success

Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership (K.E.E.P)

We are seeking business partners that share our vision and believe people with disabilities can accomplish great things with the right supports. We will work together to identify tasks that both match a prospective employee’s skills and fill a business need. Kalix will supply training and support for the new employee, as well as teach current business employees how to work with the new person.

Businesses that employ one of these uniquely talented people often find that including somebody with disabilities on the team broadens everybody’s perspective. Employees can gain a new sense of purpose, gratitude, and satisfaction with their job.

Want to know more? Call (701) 852-1014 and ask to speak with a representative of the Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership (K.E.E.P.). Or e-mail [email protected].

Job Sites

Kalix and MVW Services have developed a variety of job sites in order to offer employment to people with disabilities.  People with and without disabilities work together to complete assigned tasks according to customer specifications.

For some people, working at a job site managed by Kalix or MVW Services is in preparation for independent employment in the community. Others choose long-term employment with MVW Services because it works better for them and meets their vocational goals.

Kalix Recycling offers recycling services to the Minot community.  A drive through redemption center is available for customer use.  Employees greet customers, unload vehicles, and sort different types of materials such as aluminum, paper, and plastic.  Employees assigned to Confidential Document Destruction may be involved in traveling to customer locations to empty bins and/or loading the shredder.  Warehouse workers pick up recyclable materials from business customers, bale each commodity, and load bales on to trucks or rail cars.  Some people are employed sorting books, tearing pages out of books (to recycle as paper), and processing book sales orders.

The laundry facility processes linen for Minot health care facilities and other businesses.  Job duties include sorting, folding, operating automatic folders/presses, and delivering linen.

The Grand Forks Air Force Base (GFAFB) Commissary Contract employs people to stock shelves, clean the facility, and operate the warehouse.

The MAFB and GFAFB Basewide Custodial Contract employees clean the childcare centers, fitness centers, and hallways and bathrooms for 40-60 office buildings.  “Cleaning” includes operating floor scrubbers and buffers.

The MAFB and GFAFB Postal Service Centers hire people to deliver mail to dorms and wait on customers at the service counter for package pickup.  Employees also complete mail forwarding and other clerical tasks.

The grounds maintenance contracts at East Totten Trail and Douglas Creek Recreation Areas operate from May through September.  Employees mow, clean fish stations, maintain outhouses, and clean fire rings.

Employees at the Thrift Store in Belcourt sort donations, prepare and price donations, and wait on customers.

Commercial custodial contracts in Minot and Belcourt employ people for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Cookies are baked at our commercial kitchen in Minot for regular daily delivery and customer sales.

Assembly contracts provide employment opportunities in Minot and Belcourt on an as-needed basis. Buttons, mailers, gift bags, retail products – any kind of assembly work can be completed by MVW Services employees.

Job Coach Services

Job Coaching is provided for eligible persons referred through the Department of Human Services.

Admission to a program always starts with assessments. Information is collected from a variety of sources, but most importantly through interviews and observation of the new person. The team designs an individualized plan based on the person’s needs, interests, and preferences. If the person isn’t sure what he/she wants or doesn’t express preferences clearly, the team can plan for a variety of experiences designed to help in that area. Job Coaching can be offered in a variety of settings, including community employment, employment on a contract with MVW Services, or employment at a business owned by Kalix.

Kalix is licensed to provide the following employment programs in Minot, Belcourt, Rolla, and Grand Forks:

  • Supported Employment (SEP)
  • Extended Services (ESP)
  • Vocational Development (VDP)
  • Transition (from school to adult programming) (AETS)

Job Coaching Services include:

  • Job development:  job matching, trial work placements, assistance with resumes and interviews
  • Job carving and job accommodation to make the job fit the employee
  • Specific work skill training: following directions, completing work tasks, improving work quality and work quantity
  • Soft skills training: communication skills, managing frustration and behavior, maintaining positive relationships with co-workers, staying on-task, being on-time, maintaining appropriate cleanliness and appearance in the workplace
  • Crisis management: assistance with problem resolution on the job and with life situations that affect work

Day Habilitation

Training, support services, and/or supervision are provided for eligible persons referred through the Department of Human Services.

Admission to a program always starts with assessments.  Information is collected from a variety of sources, but most importantly through interviews and observation of the new person.  The team designs an individualized plan based on the person’s needs, interests, and preferences.  If the person isn’t sure what he/she wants or doesn’t express preferences clearly, the team can plan for a variety of experiences designed to help in that area.

Kalix is licensed to offer Day Habilitation in Minot, Belcourt, Rolla, and Langdon.

Depending on a person’s needs and preferences, Day Habilitation may include:

  • Paid employment with hands-on experience designed to develop work skills
  • Pre-employment skills training
  • Development of hobbies and recreational activities – examples include art, sports, exercise, gardening, cooking, home maintenance, computer gaming, internet use, etc.
  • Life skills training – may include training to enhance communication skills, manage behavior, develop or enhance relationships with others, and make/communicate choices
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Re-positioning
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Assistance with medication administration, pain management, and other medical needs

Independence and participation are emphasized at all times.  The goal is to give people the opportunity to increase independence and participation, while providing staff support at the minimum level necessary to facilitate task completion.

Day Habilitation can be provided in a facility dedicated to Day Habilitation, in community settings, in an individual’s home (if the person is also enrolled in a residential program), or in a combination of locations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Similar to a paid job, volunteering provides opportunities for social connections and personal growth. Sometimes volunteering is preparation for a paid job, but often volunteering is considered an important part of a person’s schedule simply because it’s fun! And of course volunteering provides much-needed help to non-profits in our community.

Volunteer placement options are developed for each person based on individual interests and preferences. Participation may be daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual.

Examples of current successful volunteer placements include:

  • Planned activities at local nursing homes: Assist nursing home residents during sing-a-long and bingo or simply offer companionship.
  • Meals on Wheels delivery: Establish long-term friendships through regular meal delivery to the same people.
  • Delivery: Provide pick-up and delivery service for various local non-profit organizations
  • Humane Society: Work hard cleaning cages and enjoy walking dogs and playing with cats
  • Child Care Centers: Assist with craft projects and read to children
  • Salvation Army: Bell ringing while accepting donations at the red kettles
  • Community Clean-Up: Beautify our community by participating in the local adopt-a-trail program and Minot’s spring clean-up
  • Business: Assist with office and other tasks for various non-profit organizations

Volunteer Recognition Program

The Volunteer Recognition Program is held annually to recognize volunteer hours contributed to the community. The event is attended by volunteers, representatives from recipients of the volunteer services, family, and friends. Each volunteer receives a certificate of appreciation and is personally congratulated. Every May, over a hundred volunteers are recognized for performing thousands of hours of service at various locations in the community.