Effective February 2020, the only products accepted and processed at the Kalix Recycling Center will be confidential documents and mixed office paper. Kalix will continue picking up confidential documents, public drop-off events will be scheduled occasionally, and drop-off may be arranged by calling 855-909-9729. January 31st will be the last day for regular hours.

Drive-Thru Redemption Center

Rain or Shine!  Snow or Wind!  The drive thru is always a convenient way to drop off your recyclables.  Our friendly employees will unload your vehicle, weigh your recyclables, and give you cash or tokens.  Recycle today!

Kalix Recycling Entrance seen from 27th street Southeast

Kalix Recycling Entrance seen from 27th street Southeast

Bring your recyclables to the Kalix Recycling Center and get paid market rates for aluminum in cash, or get 5¢ per pound premium extra when you request tokens.  The rate for all other recyclable materials is 1¢ per pound in tokens. Tokens spend just like cash at our participating sponsor, MarketPlace foods.

Recyclable Materials

Recyclable items must be sorted into the following categories:

Items may be in boxes, bags, or tied. Containers must be empty, drained, and rinsed.

Steel/Tin Food Cans
Not necessary to remove labels. Can also include paint cans (thin layer of dried paint allowed), aerosol cans (leave spray nozzle on but remove plastic lids), and canning rings & lids.

Hard and Soft Covered Books
No restrictions

Plastic #1 PET
Beverage bottles ONLY, up to two liters in size, clear, light blue or green, may include caps.

Office Paper, Misc Paper, & Junk Mail
Must not include construction paper, wrapping paper, wallpaper, or paper plates.

May include all inserts delivered with the newspaper, but no other papers.

Plastic #2 HDPE
Jugs with necks ONLY (ex: detergent and milk jugs), up to three gallons, colored and white (natural), no caps please.

Corrugated Cardboard
Must see a wavy center layer when viewed from the edge. May include brown paper grocery bags. May not include fiberboard (ex: cereal boxes) or wax-coated cardboard.

Magazines and Catalogues
Any magazines/catalogues including glossy types.

Aluminum Beverage Cans
No restrictions

IT Asset Management

Responsible waste management includes proper care for computers and related equipment. The EPA advocates for reuse, recycling, and refurbishing of computer equipment to reduce landfilling, save energy, reduce pollution, and reduce extraction of new resources.

We offer a full range of IT Asset Management services, including refurbishing equipment, reuse of full systems or usable parts, disassembling of components for metals recovery, and media erasure or destruction for confidentiality reasons. Computer equipment may be dropped off at the Kalix Recycling Center (see location and hours above) for the low prices listed below or contact us to arrange for pick-up of larger quantities.


IT Asset Management rates – your cost is only:

  • Computers/laptops, including keyboards and mice $0.25/lb
  • Tablets, smart phones, cell phones $0.25/lb
  • DVRs, blue ray players, VCRs $0.25/lb
  • Batteries – alkaline, nickel cadmium, rechargeable $0.25/lb
  • Printers & Copiers $0.45/lb
  • Flat panel displays, LCD monitors $0.45/lb
  • CRT monitors and televisions $0.60/lb
  • Other Components Call for pricing

Data Destruction:

  • Hard Drive Erasure $7
  • Verification of Hard Drive Erasure $5
  • Hard Drive Shredding $7
  • Certification of Erasure and/or Shredding $5
  • Return of Hard Drive Fragments $5

Pick-up Service Available

  • Pick-up charge $48
  • Mileage charge (no charge within 10 miles) $1.25/mile
  • Packing/loading time (no charge for first 20 minutes) $40/hour

Call (855) 909-9729 for more information, quotes for other types of computer equipment and larger volumes, or to arrange for pick-up. Note: we cannot accept microwaves, toasters, large or small appliances, air conditioners, smoke/CO2 detectors, humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

Electronics Pick-up Request

We cannot guarantee that this date will be available, but we\'ll try our best. Actual pickup date will be confirmed prior to pickup.

Confidential Document Destruction

You’ve heard the horror stories, and you know the law.  Whether you are concerned about your personal information, files from your small business, or records for a large company, the Kalix Recycling Center can handle your need for secure destruction of confidential documents. We offer:

  • A controlled and secure environment
  • Industry standard compliance
  • Secure containers for routinely scheduled pickups
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Drop off available from 11am to 5:30pm on weekdays


  • Confidential Document Destruction $0.37/lb
  • Free pick-up for orders over $48
  • Smaller orders may also be picked up for a total fee of $48
  • Packing/loading time (no charge for first 20 minutes) $40/hour

You receive peace of mind that your information is not compromised while contributing to employment for people with disabilities and a greener earth when you bring your shredding to the Kalix Recycling Center!


Confidential Shred Pick-up Request

We cannot guarantee that this date will be available, but we\'ll try our best. Actual pickup date will be confirmed prior to pickup.

Token Program

Kalix Recycling customers are paid a penny per pound in tokens for all eligible recyclables in appreciation for participating in the program. Aluminum beverage cans are purchased for cash at the current market rate. Customers have the option of requesting tokens for aluminum instead of cash at the current market rate PLUS five cents per pound. Tokens may be spent just like cash at participating sponsors until March 31, 2020.


Thank you to the following sponsors for participating in the token program:

MarketPlace Foods Logo

Book Recycling

Hard and soft covered books are recycled a variety of ways at the Kalix Recycling Center. All books are accepted but not purchased. Books are an important source of paid jobs for people with disabilities, and we are actively soliciting books from all sources, including forming partnerships with area schools and libraries.

Destinations of books include:

  • Bibles are donated to local church groups
  • Children’s books are donated to local day care centers
  • Non-salable books are disassembled so that the paper may be recycled.

Fluorescent Bulb & Ballast Recycling Service

Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and ballasts may contain PCB’s. Both are hazardous wastes which can cause environmental contamination. The Kalix Recycling Center is a permitted transfer station. Bulbs and ballasts are collected and stored in approved containers until shipped to a qualified hazardous material recycler for further processing. We guarantee that your fluorescent bulbs are safely recycled.

We handle all quantities – from a single household bulb to large volumes from businesses. We are prepared to assist with your storage, collection, and transportation needs. Certificates of destruction are issued to provide permanent documentation that your business disposes of fluorescent bulbs and ballasts responsibly.

Reasonable rates. Call (855) 909-9729 for more information.

How It Works

Kalix opened the Recycling Center in 1994 in order to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  It has been a successful venture, employing people to unload customer cars, sort recyclable commodities, empty confidential document bins at customer sites, shred confidential documents, disassemble computers into components, sort books, sell & ship books, and tear pages out of books for recycling as paper.


Over the years, we have learned a few things about saving the earth, price fluctuations in recycling markets, and meeting quality standards.  Sorting is the single most important step in recycling – whether items are sorted initially by the customer or sorted later in the warehouse – inadequate sorting translates to contamination that prevents conversion to new products and instead results in materials headed to the landfill.

Most recycling programs are operated by a government entity which has the ability to impose mandatory recycling, charge fees, and/or subsidize costs with taxpayer funds.  Because we are a private business, our program is limited to commodities which we can sell at a price that covers all or at least most of our costs on average. We don’t have enough volume or outside funding to offer curbside pickup or single-stream recycling (where the customer dumps everything in a single bin and it gets sorted later).

Participation is based on the community’s willingness to voluntarily go to the extra effort of saving, sorting, and delivering recyclables.  We appreciate our sponsors for funding the token program that offers incentives to our customers, and we especially appreciate your commitment to doing your part in taking care of our planet!

More information:

  North Dakota Department of Health Waste Management  

Final Destination of Recyclables

Recycled products may be re-made into the same type of product or made into something that looks very different.  Many recycling centers send commodities overseas (China is the biggest purchaser), but all of our products are currently re-manufactured in the United States.

aluminum_baleAluminum beverage cans and steel food cans are melted down and used to make new cans. Most cardboard that comes through the Kalix Recycling Center is made into new cardboard, but some may end up as fiberboard (cereal boxes, etc).

Most of our newspaper and magazines are made into new paper for printing, but the newspaper may also be used to make egg cartons or cellulose insulation. Our mixed paper (office paper & junk mail) ends up as a variety of paper products – mostly paper plates, paper towels, and napkins.

Plastic beverage bottles (#1 PET) are actually chemically the same as polyester. The bottles are shredded, recycled into fibers, and used for carpet and fiber-fill inside jackets.  Plastic jugs (#2 HDPE) are re-manufactured into plastic lumber, drain-tile, and similar consumer products.

Hard and soft-covered books are re-used and re-cycled in a variety of ways.  Read more.