May 2017 Employee Spotlight


Stephanie Marquez, Vocational Minot

Stephanie Marquez encourages physical activity by leading a work crew on an outdoor walk when there are a few extra minutes of waiting time.


Teamwork and Cooperation

Lori Miller, Stacy Greene (Minot DSP); Sidney Bockoven, Linda Feldner (Minot MSLA)

Lori Miller, Stacy Greene, Sidney Bockoven, and Linda Feldner worked together to support a person through a difficult time – communicating with each other, offering assistance as appropriate, working with medical professionals to try and figure out what was happening.  All four exhibited great respect and really cared about the feelings and physical pain of the person.

Quality of Life Enhancement

Sarah Bergh, Congregate Care

Sarah Bergh creates opportunities for people to continue enjoying the activities of their youth.  For example, she arranges outdoor walks for a person who was active outdoors as a young man.

Special Contribution

Jenn Rowland, Vocational Minot

Jenn Rowland successfully assisted a person to improve his social and conversational skills by creating and implementing a system of positive reinforcement.  In addition, she models respect and uses every conversation as a teaching moment.

Notable Nominees: Kelly Cotrell (DSP), JoAnn Robbins (DSP), Linda Feldner (MSLA), Marissa Williams (MSLA), Spirit Shiffer (MSLA), Meredith Pfenning (MSLA) Lexi Grabow (DSP)