April 2017 Employee Spotlight

Quality of Life Enhancement

Vanessa Sult supported a person through the process of a difficult medical diagnosis, and is continuing to assist the person through treatment. Her communication and re-assurance has helped the person cope.

Special Contribution

Natasha Poitra assisted a person with medical dietary restrictions to completely transform his eating habits to meet MyPlate recommendations. His menu now consists of mostly home-cooked meals including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Notable Nominees: Tammy Kloehn (1007), Mara Hintz, (PA), Dawn Evenson (DSP), Semian Bell (1005), Krista Opstedal (PD-AT)

Module Certifications: Cherie Belgarde (Belcourt Program Assistant), Shirley Neal (Minot Day Services), Dana Bruns (1101)