June 2017 Employee Spotlight


Diana DeCoteau, Minot Day Supports

Diana finds ways for people to participate in activities.  For example, people in DSP with limited mobility go out on windy days and fly kites with Diana.


Teamwork and Cooperation

Charlie Andrade, Minot Job Coach

Charlie dealt with an unusually busy day in the Kalix Recycling Center with professionalism and a positive attitude.  He kept the work crew inspired and excited about recycling for the entire day.

Quality of Life Enhancement

Coleen Billing, Minot Day Supports

Coleen created a visual dot system to assist the cleaning crew with storing supplies in the correct place.  She also assisted a person in DSP to facilitate two community scavenger hunts – which gave him a new social role and opportunity, and also created a fun community event for several other folks in DSP!


Special Contribution

Dawnice Williams, TCLF 1109

Dawnice has increased community activities at 1109 with a simple persistent positive attitude in response to people’s initial negative reaction.

Notable Nominees: Taylor Potter (DSP), Semian Bell (1005)

Module Certifications: Angie Mortenson, Kelsey Patterson, Jerrica Azure, Ashley Counts, Tyler Willoughby, Amanda Mears, Chelsey McCammitt, Amber Anderson