Day Support Garden 2015

The Kalix Day Supports Program planted a garden in 2015! A grant from the St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation provided materials and soil for constructing raised beds, tools, and seeds. The raised beds allow easy access by everybody. The purpose of the project is to offer gardening as a productive activity that builds a sense of accomplishment as well as provides a multi-sensory experience (feel the dirt and plants, see the plants grow and develop, smell the blossoms, taste the produce). Gardening also reinforces activity and movement during planting, weeding, and harvesting. Finally, gardening can motivate people to increase their...
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September 2015 Employee Awards

QUALITY OF LIFE ENHANCEMENT LEADERSHIP DIGNITY AND RESPECT MEREDITH PFENNIG MSLA Minot Congratulations to Meredith for being selected for the Employee Spotlight for her ability to propose and implement new ideas that enhance the quality of life for the people who live at MSLA! VICKIE ALLERY MSLA/ICF Park Street Supervisor Vickie received two nominations both related to her leadership of staff including providing sufficient training so that staff understand the purpose and importance of supports. She also provided valuable insight for those devising plans and supports. TEAM:  AMANDA DUKE AND ROXANNE GOETTLE MSLA Minot Amanda and Roxanne were nominated for...
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Kalix Recycling Center Book Sale

The Kalix Recycling Center is having a book sale! Books are prepackaged in boxes according to genre. The cost is $5 (including tax) and they can be purchased in the Kalix Recycling Center drive-thru.

August 2015 Employee Awards

QUALITY OF LIFE ENHANCEMENT LEADERSHIP EXEMPLIFYING OUR MISSION BEVERLY HALTON MSLA Minot Beverly was nominated for her efforts in creating an effective individualized support routine that is enjoyed and promotes progress towards positive outcomes. VAL KEMPF Supervisor TCLF 1101 In addition to showing strong leadership and effective communication skills, the nomination notes that Val is very good at calming people down in intense situations. EVANS MEMBA ICF 1007 Minot The nomination notes that Evans is regularly successful with facilitating community participation.  In addition, he recently was able to establish a positive working relationship with somebody that typically has a difficult...
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July 2015 Employee Awards

Notable Nominees for July: Vickie Allery—Rolla MSLA Supervisor, Janna Azure—Turtle Creek PD, Vickie Bambenek—Minot Job Coach, Linus DeCoteau—Turtle Creek MSLA Supervisor, Jodi Johnson—Dir. Vocational Services, Megan Northagan—Accounting Clerk, Julene Ristau—MVW Services Grand Forks, Leticia Woody—ISLA Minot, Melissa Zietz—TCLF 1109

June 2015 Employee Awards

Congrats to Vanessa Sult (Minot ISLA) for being selected as the June Employee of the Month.  Vanessa is a valued ISLA staff who most recently made tremendous efforts to ensure the best possible health for a person by accompanying them to medical appointments with multiple specialists.  Her presence allowed her to communicate vital information, resulting in better medical advice and better implementation of the advice.  Thank you, Vanessa, for displaying Kalix values: Dependability, Professionalism and Teamwork! Congratulations to the other nominees:  Melissa Zietz (TCLF 1109), Lexi Grabow (Minot DSP), Amanda Duke (Minot MSLA), Wanda Olson (Minot MSLA), Shelly Hogue (ICF...
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HomeSenser- Stay Safe When Cooking

How many of us have played out the following scenario: you put a pot on the burner and turn it on high, then the phone rings. Fifteen minutes later you remember the food on the stove and come back to find the pot has boiled over. Another scenario could be forgetting to set a timer on the oven and walking into a kitchen full of smoke. While there is some great products that can extinguish a stovetop fire, such as the FireStop, what if there was a device that could shut off the appliance before a fire could ignite? Well, the future is now! The HomeSenser is...
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All about Apps

Over the past few years we have stumbled upon some great apps used during assessments, AT trials, and Free App Friday alerts. While there are millions of apps available for iOS and Android devices, some have been more popular within our agency than others.That being said, here is a few of the most utilized apps throughout our agency and some of my personal favorites, which all are available to try on the Kalix iTunes account. Sensory/Self-Regulation: These apps are a great resource for redirecting, calming, and stimulation. Gravitarium 2 $2.99– Create your own abstract line art by multi-touch gestures that change the way the particles dance,...
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May 2015 Employee Awards

Congrats to Paula Seabolt (Minot MSLA) for being selected as the May Employee of the Month.  Paula continually provides leadership at MSLA 330 that has been recognized and appreciated by many, especially less-experienced staff who need that extra guidance and direction.  Thank you, Paula, for displaying Kalix values: Dependability, Adaptability, Professionalism and Teamwork! Congratulations to the other nominees:  Sean Bauer (ICF 1007), Katie Gourneau (Rolla DSP), Brandi Azure (MSLA Turtle Creek), Tiffany Gulbranson (Minot DSP), Bryan Steier (ICF 1005), Dawnice Williams (TCLF 1109)

April 2015 Employee Awards

Congrats to Monique Nadeau (Minot MSLA) for being selected as the April Employee of the Month. Monique recently implemented the MyPlate meal planning system with a group of people at MSLA.  In addition to preparing meals, she has involved people with meal preparation and incorporated conversations about nutrition and healthy eating, resulting in small but dramatic changes in people’s food choices. Kalix recognizes Monique for displaying the values: Dependability, Adaptability, Professionalism and Teamwork!   Congratulations to the other nominees: Jackie Trottier (Belcourt DSP), Kelly Cottrell (Minot DSP), Pete Burkhardsmeier (Minot DSP), Stephanie Marquez (Minot Job Coach), Bria Hughes (Minot MSLA),...
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