Employee Spotlight November 2017

Quality of Life Enhancement

Naomi Kelly takes an active role in increasing community integration by finding activities that will interest people and then making it happen.  When people are reluctant to try new things, Naomi offers multiple opportunities until they are ready to try again. The result is smiles and increased quality of life!

Naomi Kelly (ICF Minot)

Kayla Tuttle (MSLA Minot)


Kayla Tuttle implements ideas that help people become more independent – one example is a “cheat sheet” and labels that enable a person to select clothes to wear without staff assistance.

Notable Nominees:

Bo Rossignol (Day Hab Minot), Mark Louden (MSLA Minot), Katie Kalmbach (ISLA Minot),Travis Grosche (Day Hab Minot), Brenda Quist (1105), Karen Jones (ISLA Minot), Staff of 1109