Employee Spotlight December 2017

Exemplifying the Kalix Mission

Coleen Billing takes initiative to creatively get people involved in fun and interesting activities!  She has come up with several Active Support protocols to increase independence.  She also finds ways to start conversations between people enrolled in services and the public.  One example: Coleen set up a scavenger hunt at Town & Country Mall that involved the hunters (people from Day Hab) getting pictures with employees at the mall.


Coleen Billing, Minot Day Hab

Wendal Ebach, Minot MSLA

Quality of Life Enhancement

Wendal Ebach worked with the team to make arrangements for a person at 1508 to accomplish a major goal – visiting his brother.  He also supported the person during the two day trip to Fargo.

Notable Nominee:

Stacie Hoffart
Minot Day Hab