Can’t Find Somthing? StickNFind It!

How many times have you played out the following scenario: You’re scrambling around trying to get out the door to go to work, you go to grab your keys and they’re no where to be found. You check the counters, the coat rack, your pockets, and after 10 minutes of frantic search they finally turn up. Now imagine instead of frantically searching for an unnecessary amount of time, you simply send a message to your keys through your smartphone and voilà,  you find them! StickNFind Stickers use Bluetooth sensors that can find any item they are placed on. The Stickers are about...
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July 2014 Employee Awards

Congrats to Vickie Allery (Rolla MSLA) for being selected as Employee of the Month for July.  The nomination notes that during a recent emergency situation, Vickie reacted quickly and appropriately, utilizing her training to ensure that everybody was safe. Thank you, Vickie, for displaying the Kalix values:  PROFESSIONALISM, ADAPTABILITY, TEAMWORK and DEPENDABILITY! Congratulations to the other nominees: Diana Decoteau (DSP), Maria Gourneau (1007), and Pamela Bourlon (1109).  STAR Employee of the Quarter Congrats to Rod Martinson (Contract Administrator) for being selected as STAR Employee of the Quarter.  Rod was nominated for his work on two separate projects – both examples of...
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June 2014 Employee Awards

Congrats to Tina Warnke (1007) for being selected as Employee of the Month for June.  The nomination notes that Tina regularly advocates for people receiving services, and helps them get the assistance that is needed.  In one instance, Tina provided information and assistance to nursing staff to ensure that appropriate care was provided to a person that had been admitted to the hospital. Thank you, Tina, for displaying the Kalix values: PROFESSIONALISM and DEPENDABILITY! Congratulations to the other nominees: Nancy Pietsch (ISLA), Jay Szichak (1007), Sarah Bergh (DSP), Pamela Sanchez (ISLA), and Jen Whitley (Vocational).

Kalix Finders Keepers Winner 2014

Kalix developed the Finders Keepers program to reward employees for referring family, friends and acquaintances.  Employees can earn up to $475 plus a chance to win a trip to Hawaii for each referral that is hired and stays with the Agency for at least one year.  The annual Hawaiian Day celebration honors all referrals that met the one year requirement within the last twelve months.  This year, the event also included a spectacular salad contest, best dressed contest, and Hawaiian games. Congrats to Thelma Gadue (ICF) for winning the 2014 Hawaii drawing!    

Schools Participate in Recycling Center Celebration 

Kalix (formally known as Minot Vocational Workshop) annually celebrates Earth Day by offering specials for those wishing to turn their trash into cash!  Americans buy 28 billion bottles of water annually and 70-80% of those bottles end up in landfills.  The Recycling Center celebrates Earth Day to spread the message about the importance of recycling. This year, Kalix gave Minot residents the opportunity to donate tokens/cash earned from recycling to the school of their choice during the month of April.  Thirteen schools received donations from community members.  Dakota Elementary received the most donated tokens and was presented with a traveling...
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May 2014 Employee Awards

Congrats to Celeste Badke (ISLA) for being selected as Employee of the Month for May.  Celeste approaches regular life situations with initiative and hard work.  In one recent example, she planned and made arrangements to handle all the details of a residential move, then put in the effort to make it a positive experience for everybody involved. Thank you, Celeste, for displaying the Kalix values:  PROFESSIONALISM and DEPENDABILITY! Congratulations to the other nominees: Amanda Duke (MSLA), JoAnn Kemaldean (MSLA), Brook Velazquez (1109), and Pamela Sanchez (ISLA), Paula Seabolt (MSLA).

Beamz Interactive- Creating Music Has Never Been So Simple

Imagine having the ability to play 4 different instruments all at once without ever stepping foot in a music class. With Beamz Interactive Music System people of any age, physical or cognitive ability can have access to an authentic music creating experience.  Beamz offers a wide range of music genres, instruments, and sounds effects that sound when a hand or object is placed between the laser beams. Users can record their songs they’ve created and share them with their friends and family through any device. Want to see Beamz in action? Come on down to the 605 building on May 1st...
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April 2014 Employee Awards

Congrats to Shayne York (ISLA) for being selected as Employee of the Month for April.  Shane possesses two of the most important attributes of a Support Staff:  (1) the ability to figure out how to help a person make progress towards goals and (2) willingness to cheerfully help with meeting program needs. Congratulations to the other nominees: Ben Chapin (DSP), Jo Kelly (1007), Jamie Norris (MSLA), and Margarita Nieskes (MSLA). STAR Employee of the Quarter Congratulations to our STAR Employee of the Quarter, Krista Opstedal, Program Director of Assistive Technology.  Six separate staff submitted nominations describing Krista’s passion, creativity, and...
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March Employee Awards

Congrats to Jesika Martin (DSP) for being selected as Employee of the Month for March. During public meetings conducted for CQL, Jesika was assigned to support a person from DSP. Jesika represented Kalix well both by participating in the small group exercises as a Direct Support Staff, and by providing support to a person receiving services while she made a presentation to the entire stakeholder group. Her demonstration of professionalism and inclusion was a perfect display of Kalix values and services for the CQL evaluators. Jesika says that her favorite things about working at Kalix are helping people and making them...
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The Power of Visual and Auditory Schedules

How many of us use calendars to remember important dates and appointments? The answer is pretty obvious. Most of us stay organized by writing down dates on a calendar or even programming it in a smart phone, but for some this isn’t enough. The Jenda Voice Calendar is a simple to use calendar that allows you to record do lists, daily appointments, birthdays, and weekly or annual events on any day throughout the year. Once a message is recorded, a light blinks on the day it is scheduled to prompt the user to check for appointments. This is a great tool for those who have...
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