October 2014 Employee Awards

Employee of the Month

Congrats to Jeanne Charbonneau (Rolla MSLA) for being selected as Employee of the Month for October.  In addition to a positive attitude, exceptional commitment, and hard work at implementing plans, Jeanne has experienced great success with teaching skills from cooking to sewing!  MSLA Rolla also started a garden over the summer, and Jeanne helped ensure a fun experience for tenants as they watched the plants grow and mature. Thank you, Jeanne, for displaying the Kalix values:  DEPENDABILITY, ADAPTABILITY, PROFESSIONALISM and TEAMWORK!

Congratulations to the other nominees: Jared Dubois (MSLA Rolla), Imani Crenshaw (MSLA), Paula Seabolt (MSLA), Roxanne Goettle (1007), Stellah Bosire (1109), Sara Wheeler (1005), Shelby Hysjulien (DSP), Sarah Gunville (MSLA Rolla), Jesika Sullivan (DSP), Sara York (MSLA), Kelsey Tofteland (ISLA).


STAR Employee of the Quarter

Congrats to Jeff Wallstrum (TCFL Program Director) for being selected as STAR Employee of the Quarter. Jeff is being recognized for his fantastic support for staff – not just at 1109 but for other programs as well.  Staff describe an incident where he stepped in to de-escalate a situation at another group home, and he also made arrangements to “loan” an awake-night staff to another home when they were short.

Congratulations to the other nominees: Jordon Lakoduk (Not pictured), Pamela Seemann, Mike Collins, Celeste Badke, Edwin Perez, Terri Lynn Lett.