February 2015 Employee Awards

soto_EOMCongrats to Carla Soto (TCLF 1109), for being selected as February Employee of the Month. During a recent emergency, Carla remained calm, followed training protocol, and did everything exactly correct.  The nomination notes that Carla has Kalix values as shown during that event:  DEPENDABILITY by following procedures, ADAPTABILITY by performing in a new situation, TEAMWORK by working with other staff present during the situation, and PROFESSIONALISM by representing Kalix well with emergency personnel.  Thank you, Carla, for all you do!

Congratulations to the other nominees: Tracey Wallstrum (DSP), Justine Brown (ISLA), Jesika Sullivan (DSP), Carol Delorme (MSLA ), Rebecca Hoffman (1101), Laurel Pister (1105), Memorie Andrade (DSP)

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