YWCA Honors Kalix March 2015

women_of_distinctionKalix was honored at the 2015 YWCA “Women of Distinction” banquet in the “Organizational” category for empowering women.

Kalix employs 348 staff, of which 73% are women. Two-thirds of the upper management positions at Kalix are currently filled by women (including the CEO), and 70% of all management, professional, leadership, and supervisory positions are women.

Kalix employs people with a variety of training and specialties, including degrees in Special Education, Social Work, and other behavioral sciences, plus degrees in Nursing, Accounting and Computer Science. In addition, Kalix offers a comprehensive training program in developing and implementing plans to support people with disabilities. Kalix is known for giving opportunities to people with talent and ambition.

We appreciate the honor bestowed by the Minot YWCA!

For more information on the award please visit: Minot YWCA Women of Distinction Awards