Kalix/CyclePoint Ribbon-Cutting in the News

On August 9th, a ribbon-cutting signaled the official start of Kalix participation in the CyclePoint network. After months of training and preparation, we are ready to take in electronics to dismantle for recycling. CyclePoint is an amazing venture – a nationwide network of organizations like Kalix that employ people with disabilities. Together, we can leverage and take advantage of the research and knowledge base that CyclePoint has built to work in the e-waste industry. Together, we can combine computer components and sell on the commodities markets in the quantities required to meet buyer specifications. Together, we can offer consistent integrated on-site service to large businesses with multiple locations.

With CyclePoint, we have access to their expertise and assistance with processing a full range of electronics, to include refurbishing, salvaging parts, and separation into raw materials for the manufacture of new products. We can also erase fears of a data breach by either erasing or shredding hard drives into tiny pieces – a service that costs only $7 per hard drive. And finally, we are pursuing R2/RIOS certification – a process that takes 12-18 months and will certify that your electronics are handled safely and responsibly to industry standards.

We offer convenient drop-off at the Kalix Recycling Center in southeast Minot and we also offer complete collection service – we have the resources to package, palletize, and transport large quantities of electronics

Many thanks to Jodi Wright, Mike Collins, and Jordon Lakoduk (Kalix staff) for their involvement in the start-up of the project.

For more information and to arrange for a pickup at your business, check out the Kalix eRecycling page.

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