Employee Spotlight May 2021

Congrats to the Kalix Employee Spotlight recipients for May 2021 – Ashleigh McGahey, Camill Koehn, Cesar Ramirez, and Destiny Quinn!

"Kalix has brought me a new perspective of the world. I have met great people here. I am grateful to ahve a job like this, where they appreciate the little things one does. It's a great place where teamwork is valued and help is always offered." - Cesar Ramirez The best part of my job has always been assisting people to achieve their goals and the sense of pride they get once they exceed their own expectations." - Destiny Quinn "I have been a DSP for almost 2 years now, and the opportunities we are able to provide and the smiles we can bring to peoples' faces are moments I really strive for! Being a DSP is such a rewarding job in so many different ways!" - Ashleigh McGahey "I've worked at Kalix for 6 years now and I love it. I look forward to coming in to work and seeing the people I work with. They've made a difference in my life and I can only hope I've made one in theirs." - Camill Koehn