Employee Spotlight July 2019

Congrats to July’s Employee Spotlight, Davian Olson, and Team Spotlight, Barb Anderson & Kayla Andrade!

"I've been working here for 3 months and I like that every day is different. It makes me happy to see the little things make a big difference with the people I support. I love seeing them happy at their jobs and growing more independent as they develop new skills" says Davian Olson on her job at Kalix.

Davian worked with a community employer to develop natural supports that would enable a new employee to get started at work without waiting for job coach assistance.

Barb & Kayla assisted a new employee working at a community job to develop ways to do tasks that worked for her. They also worked with the employer to organize and modify the work environment to make job tasks more efficient for all employees!

"I've been her for 3 months and it's the little things that are very rewarding. For examplt, I work with a person who was very shy and would only communicate with her family during her first day at work. By the end of the day, she felt comfortable enough to communicate with me and I felt so good that she trusted me enough to communicate with me like she does with her family." says Barb Anderson."When I started job coaching for Kalix 9 months ago, I knew this is what I was meant to do. Everyone has the ability to be successfully emplyed and I help make that happen." says Kayla Andrade.