Employee Spotlight December 2019

Congrats to December’s Employee Spotlight recipients Amanda Duke, Gaylene Desjarlais, Madison Stephens, and Maria Leidholt. We appreciate your passion and commitment you bring every day!

"Ive worked at Kalix for 6 months and I still can't wait to get to work each day to see what the day will bring, because it's never the same. My favorite moments have been connecting with the people we support and everybody that works with the Kalix family." Maria Leidholt  "I started working at Kalix in March and I like that no two days are the same. Working evenings are different since you're the last person the residents see, you have the abilitiy to make them have an awesome night even if they had a bad day. Kalix is my favorite job I've had because you can help people communicate and make sure they have the best life possible." Madison Stephens"I've workd at Kalix for 4 years. I love working with all the tenants and my coworkers. I love that every day is different and you always have something to do. There's never a boring day because everyone is so great" - Gaylene Desjarlais