Employee Spotlight January 2020

Congrats to January’s Employee Spotlight, Donna Wallin, and Team Spotlight Celeste Badke, Meredith, Pfennig, Misty Forman, Kelsey Tofteland, Brenda Just, and Robin Elliott.

We appreciate the dedication you bring each day!

Quote by Donna Wallin: "I've been working here for 31 years. I love my job because the small things make a big difference. I love being a part of the people's lives and helping them overcome challenges, finding new interests, learning new skills, and feeling better about themselves. All these things have made the last 31 years just fly by."

Pictured: Celeste Badke, Robin Elliott, Misty Forman, Brenda Just, Kelsey Tofteland, & Meredith Pfennig