Employee of the Year 2020

Congratulations to Celeste Badke, Kalix Employee of the Year 2019-2020.

Celeste is a Program Supervisor in the RH/IH program and has worked at Kalix for 13 years. Celeste serves on the Policy Committee and is always willing to lend her expertise in money management and staff training to new Supervisors and Coordinators throughout the agency. When a crisis occurs, Celeste immediately steps in and figures out how to provide assistance. A few months ago, Celeste responded to support a downtown apartment tenant when she lost her home in a fire in the middle of the night. When a tenant needed additional medical assistance temporarily, Celeste and others in the program volunteered to get the necessary training and provide the assistance so that he could stay in his home while recovering. Thanks Celeste for doing whatever it takes to meet peoples’ needs!

Pictured: Celeste Badke