AT- Making Bathroom Access Easy

The bathroom is one of the most visited and reserved places in a home, at least for most of us it is. For some people, accessing the typical bathroom fixtures isn’t a simple process and may require expensive modifications to the layout as we age and our needs change. Thankfully, minor modifications can protect privacy by allowing someone to use the facilities independently, and maybe even allow someone with changing needs to continue living in their homes for a lengthened period of time.

The AmeriGlide Bathlift allows anyone with mobility challenges access to their current bathtub with features that help the person enter and exist the tub safely. The bathlift is easy to install and uninstall, just push down on the seat to secure the suction cups to the tub and pull up on the back handle to take the lift out. The remote is completely waterproof and comes with a charger, so there’s no need to replace batteries.

The Astor Bidet is a non-electric toilet seat attachment that connects directly to the clean water supply to provide sanitary assistance to personal needs. This bidet eliminates the need to reach trouble areas and also cuts down on toilet paper and wet wipe waste. As far as prices goes, this model runs for $27 on Amazon, whereas other personal bathroom aids cost around $40 and are not as sanitary.

As we age dexterity and muscle tone start to decrease, making simple motor movements such as squeezing toothpaste hard. Simple devices such as a mounted toothpaste and soap dispenser can lessen the troubles (and possibly pain) when getting ready for the day.