AT for the Kitchen

Having the ability to cook good tasting food (that didn’t come from the grocery store’s frozen section) is a skill that not everyone has mastered. For some people creating a tasty dish is easier than tying shoes, while others view the stove top as a wasteland too dangerous to explore. Thankfully there’s a variety of assistive devices to inspire, aid, and safely cook a nutritious meal (microwave free).

1. Get Inspired

MyPlate on Pinterest– with over a hundred recipes in every nutrition category, these delicious and easy meals will suit the pickiest eater.

The Photo Cookbook- a free app on the App Store with every recipe starting with a photograph of all the ingredients you’ll use in the process and illustrates each step of the recipe, making cooking fun and interactive.


2. Tools

One Handed Roller Knife– is a knife for persons lacking strength or having use of just one hand. Pot and Pan Stabilizer– prevents a pot from turning while stirring with one hand.   EZ Off Jar Opener– effortlessly opens any size jar or bottle and easily installs underneath the cabinet for easy access.

 3. Safety

 Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard– protects skin from accidental burns and injury and fits any size oven rack.

FireStop Stove Extinguisher– automatically extinguishes unattended stovetop flames when detected.