Liftware- Eat with Independence

Eating meals with standard eating utensils is a task many people don’t think twice about, but for those with Parkinson disease and Essential Tremor, meal time can become a frustrating and time consuming process. Many of the people we support use silverware with various adaptations like a weighted spoon, curved fork, or a knife with a built-up handle for better grip. These adaptations are great and have helped many eat with more independence, but for some people with intensive tremors may still have difficulties when transporting food from the plate to their mouth without spilling.


Liftware is a stabilizing eating utensil made specifically for people with Parkinson disease, Essential Tremor, or other motion disorders that effect fine motor skills. The technology in Liftware’s stabilizing handle counteracts hand tremors that cause food to spill off the utensil. According to Liftware’s website, clinical studies have shown that the Liftware utensil reduces unintentional shake on average by 70%, so you can worry less about spilling and enjoy your meal.