March Employee Awards


Congrats to Jesika Martin (DSP) for being selected as Employee of the Month for March. During public meetings conducted for CQL, Jesika was assigned to support a person from DSP. Jesika represented Kalix well both by participating in the small group exercises as a Direct Support Staff, and by providing support to a person receiving services while she made a presentation to the entire stakeholder group. Her demonstration of professionalism and inclusion was a perfect display of Kalix values and services for the CQL evaluators. Jesika says that her favorite things about working at Kalix are helping people and making them laugh because when they laugh, it makes her day. Congratulations, Jesika!

Congratulations to the other nominees: Breanna Horn (1109), Christy Coughlin (1005), and Amanda Andersen (DSP).

Breanna  Christy  Amanda