Employee Spotlight November 2020

Congrats to November’s employee spotlight winners Chelsey McCammitt, Connie Larson, Haleigh Sobba, Karen Shroeder, Ken Randa, and Lilian Nyangota. Thanks to all of you for showing up every day and making peoples’ lives better!

"I've worked at Kalix almost 21 years. I like helping people learn new job tasks and watch them overcome obstacles in their jobs. I enjoy helping people grow confident and progress in their positions." - Connie Larson "I have been at kalix for 4 years now. I have worked beside some awesome people, I admire all their dedication. Being a DSP allows me to be a part of something bigger, to assist others to see the best parts of themselves is truly a blessing. Assisting someone to learn new skills, reach new goals, or build friendships are only a few things that make being a DSP so great. I'm so thankful to be a part of the Kalix team." Chelsey McCammitt "I've worked at Kalix for 2 years. I like that my supervisors let you develop your position and implement different ideas to see if they work. My supervisors are always willing to help out and show me how to get things done." - Lilian Nyangato "I've worked at Kalix for 20 years. I enjoy my job, it's relaxing even during times of stress. I get to teach the maintenance crew how to do repairs. I like that we learn new things together." - Ken Randa "I've worked at Kalix for 5 and 1/2 years. I try to do everything I can to make resident's days better. I take care of people like their families would, especially when their families can't be with them. I walk in the door every day with a positive attitude to make sure the residents go to be happy and healthy." - Karen Schroeder "I've been working at Kalix since February. I love the connections I've made with the people I support, and helping them build skills to live an independent life." - Haleigh Sobba