Team Spotlight April 2019

ICF 1007 Staff and Supervisors

Staff at 1007 were nominated for outstanding hospice care provided for eight days in February. Family, hospice personnel, and other Kalix staff all noticed the compassion and kindness that 1007 staff exhibited during that week as they adjusted schedules, assisted with medication administration, provided support, and ensured that family could be there to the end.

L to R:
FRONT: Estina Kaba, McKenzie Peterson, Dennis Horner, Henry Nyankabaria, Jennifer Bolduc, Olivia
Thompson. BACK: Cindy Kimble, Erica Loza, Robin Elliott, Chris Floyd, Jay Szichak, Edith Satcho. NOT
PICTURED: Mavie Okito, Jamie Mosette, Hawa Dandai, Donald Ondieki, Brianna Stensrud, Sarah Humbert