Kalix Recycling Center Downsizes Recycling Operations

Minot, North Dakota –December 20, 2019 – Effective February 2020, the only products accepted and processed at the Kalix Recycling Center will be confidential documents and mixed office paper. Kalix will continue picking up confidential documents, public drop-off events will be scheduled occasionally, and drop-off may be arranged by calling 855-909-9729. January 31st will be the last day for regular hours.

“The decision to downsize operations was based on a variety of factors, but the primary concern is the drop in commodity prices. It’s very painful to take this step, but we cannot afford to subsidize the program at this level. We will continue shredding confidential documents, including pickup for confidential documents and other office paper,” stated Borgi Beeler, President/CEO of Kalix. As always, all recyclable items accepted by Kalix will be shipped to mills for processing and use in new products.

“We sincerely believe in recycling and appreciate the participation from the Minot community over the last twenty-five years. It was a very difficult decision. We continue to support efforts by the City of Minot to establish a convenient and complete recycling program through curbside pickup so that we can all be responsible stewards of the environment,” added Blaine DesLauriers, Board Chair for Kalix.

The Kalix shredding program offers a controlled and secure environment, and shreds in compliance with industry standards. Secure containers are available for routinely scheduled pickups in high volume locations. Kalix also offers certificates of destruction.

MarketPlace Foods has supported recycling in Minot from the beginning by sponsoring the recycling token program. Recycling tokens may be redeemed at MarketPlace Foods through March 31st.

Kalix is a private non-profit that exists to serve adults with developmental disabilities. Program participants receive training,support, and opportunities to learn and develop work and independent living skills in a variety of settings. Since 1994, The Recycling Center has contributed to the mission of “Privacy, Purpose, and Dignity for all People” by offering employment opportunities for those enrolled in training programs. Kalix also operates a commercial laundry, a commercial bakery, a custodial service contract, and a postal service contract in the Minot area. In addition, Kalix supports employees with disabilities working at many local firms. Kalix also works with local businesses to identify unmet needs and develop custom jobs for individuals with varying abilities and interests. More information on Kalix employment programs is available at www.KalixND.org/employment.