Opportunity: Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership (K.E.E.P.)

Every business wants a positive image, and some spend large sums of money in marketing and/or contributing to the community, both to participate in doing something worthwhile and to benefit from the public perception of doing something worthwhile.

What is your response when presented with an opportunity to participate in a partnership that requires minimal investment of time and money, but has the potential of bringing in great benefits, including a positive impact on employee morale and company image?

As part of a three-year grant from North Dakota Vocational Rehabilitation, Kalix is starting a program to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We are seeking business partners that share our vision and believe people with disabilities can accomplish great things with the right supports. We will work together to identify tasks that both match a prospective employee’s skills and fill a business need. Kalix will supply training and support for the new employee, as well as teach current business employees how to work with the new person.

Businesses that employ one of these uniquely talented people often find that including somebody with disabilities on the team broadens everybody’s perspective. Employees can gain a new sense of purpose, gratitude, and satisfaction with their job. Some businesses report that modifications to the work environment to benefit the person with a disability increases everybody’s productivity! Plus, a large group of family and friends of people with disabilities appreciate and support the effort.

Want to know more? Call (701) 852-1014 and ask to speak with a representative of the Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership (K.E.E.P.). Or e-mail [email protected].