October 2016 Employee Awards


Exemplifying the Kalix Mission

Celeste Badke

Celeste was nominated in recognition of her assistance for a person who needed the medical services of a specialist. Although the person was hesitant to see this specialist, the admission was successful because of the person’s trust in Celeste and her ability to advise medical personnel on strategies to make the person more comfortable.


Attitude and Commitment

Brittany Kummer

Brittany’s consistent implementation of a behavior plan over many months has been successful in reducing problematic behavior, and she was also able to increase community access for the person!



Vanuel Faul

Vanuel’s persistence in promoting healthy behavior at 1007 is appreciated.  He invited one reluctant walker from 1007 until the person finally tried it and now enjoys walking!



New Module Certifications

Emily Pedersen (TCLF 1109) and Chelsea Parisien (MSLA Turtle Creek)