Employee Spotlight September 2020

Congrats to September’s Employee Spotlight recipients, Jillian Donnell and Norlyn Nosworthy. Thank you for going above and beyond to provide excellent services for people we support and employees!

Jillian Donnell - "I started working at Kalix 3 1/2 months ago. The Peeople I get to work with make every day fulfilling, and I know that my work is making a positive impact and helping each person to grow, gain skills, and work towards independence. The most rewarding part is getting to learn from the people I help support on a daily basis!" Norlyn Nosworthy - "This December marks two years for me at Kalix, and it's been the best two years of my career. Kalix has so many amazing employees, and one of the few bright spots of this crazy year has been watching everybody step up during a difficult time to help the people we support to adjust to this new 'normal.' It is so inspiring to watch, and keeps me motivated to do as much as I can to support our staff. Working at a job where you're excited to be at work even when things are hectic is rare, and the fact that I feel that way about my job is the best thing about working here."