Employee Spotlight September 2018

This summer, PreVocational staff maximized the training opportunities provided by tending a garden to incorporate many general work skills, even selling some of the produce, making signs to decorate the garden area, and building relationships with nearby gardeners. When staff organized an event to celebrate successful community employment for a year by two program participants, they used the event to teach organizational skills, problem solving, and budgeting. Since most celebrations include food, the program worked together to create side dishes using produce from the program’s garden. The team’s creativity is developing work skills and the drive to become successful employees in program participants!

Team Prevoc

Team Prevoc: Donna Wallin, Tracey Wallstrum, Maryellen Abraham, Courtney Betz, Christie Bowen, Pete Burkhardsmeier, Wally Holter, Breanna Horn, Shanda Weiand