Employee Spotlight May 2024

Congrats to the Kalix Employee Spotlight winners for May 2024 – Matti Martin, Bethany Duford, and Rising Star – Karen Stahlberg

Congratulations Matti! Thank you for going the extra mile!

Thank you Bethany for making a valuable contribution to the team!

Karen is a new employee who has excelled in her first year at Kalix. Congratulations Karen!

Employee Spotlight - Matti Martin, DSP 1005. May 2024. Part of the job at Kalix is to support people with manaing health. Matti and the rest of the staff work hard to assist people through the process. Photo on left side shows Carmen smiling wearing a yellow shirt, and red pants with sunglasses and Matti also smiling, standing to her right wearing a gray graphic shirt. Caption reads: "Carmen appreciates that Matti, "...always has our best interests in mind."

Employee Spotlight - Bethany Duford, DSP Discovery. May 2024. Bethany and Mickey work together to do laundry for the kitchen before heading out to the park! Photo on left shows Mickey standing in a purple and white jacket smiling and holding his hands together in front of a laundry basket. To his right, Bethanhy stands in a black and white flannel jacket, black shirt and maroon pants. Employee Spotlight - Karen Stahlberg , DSP 330. May 2024. Rising Star graphic on left side. Karen enjoys preparing meals for some of the occupants in the building. Holidays are a little more meaningful with a homemade meal everyone shares together. Karen stands in the kitchen wearing a chefs hat, red floral pattern shirt, and holding a soup ladel.