Employee Spotlight April 2018

Congrats to April’s Spotlight recipients, Lynette Schmike, Wendal Ebach, and the Active Support team: Diane Boutilier, Holly Peterson, Melody Baker, and Krista Opstedal.

  • Lynette is being recognized for successfully increasing the frequency and variety of participation in community activities. Over the last few months, tenants from 1105 have attended an assortment of events, public shows, and participated in art classes at Margie’s Art Studio. The events span a wide range of interests, including sports, music, drama, and healthy living, giving people multiple options for spending their free time.
  • The Active Supports team conducts training, follows up with programs that are learning AS concepts, and shares best practices to maximize training relevance and impact. The implementation of AS continues to enhance services and quality of life for people supported in all Kalix programs.
  • Wendal organized a season-long ice fishing competition for the tenants at 1508. In addition to enjoying the ice fishing experience and increasing their fishing skills, the guys have learned to work as a team to get ready for fishing trips and prepare dinner with their catch.