Giving Tuesday 2017

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes GIVING TUESDAY – a national day set aside to take a break from the craziness of shopping and give back to our communities. Your gift gives normal opportunities to people with disabilities – opportunities to work on skills, visit family, and participate in life!  Studies show that spending time with people and participating in community events has a positive impact on learning, socialization, and behavior. Your donation offers Crystal* opportunities to connect with people on a daily basis. Rick* realized his dream of visiting with his brother in Fargo.  John* and Grace* ride...
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Recycle Your Outdated Electronics

Why recycle electronics? Keep it out of the landfill keep hazardous materials out of the landfill – lead, mercury, and other substances in electronics may harm the environment if not managed properly landfill space is expensive – all recycling helps reduce need for additional landfill space Recover and re-use raw materials in the electronics conserves natural resources – electronic components contain gold, silver, palladium, copper, platinum, aluminum conserves energy used in mining natural resources – mining and manufacturing virgin materials takes more energy that recovering materials reduces pollution – mining, transporting ore, and manufacturing virgin materials generates air and water...
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Farm Credit Services of North Dakota awards $25,000 to Kalix

Farm Credit Services of North Dakota is proud to announce that it has awarded $25,000 to Kalix as a recipient of the Rural Community Grant Fund (RCGF). The grant funds will help them purchase a vehicle to support people with disabilities. Blaine DesLauriers, Board Chair, and Borgi Beeler, President/CEO, from Kalix, are pleased to accept the check from Claude Sem, CEO of Farm Credit Services, and utilize the grant funds towards helping them purchase the vehicle. Borgi Beeler noted “Kalix believes that transportation is key to many aspects of our programs – working, receiving appropriate medical care, learning social skills...
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Free E-Recycling Sponsored by Xcel Energy!

The Kalix Recycling Center announces a one-day special event: Free E-Recycling Sponsored by Xcel Energy! The event will take place in the Slumberland parking lot on South Broadway on Thursday October 5th from 10am – 4pm (or whenever the funding runs out)! Electronics recycling comes at a price, but Xcel Energy is paying the cost for area households to recycle one monitor, one printer, and up to 25 pounds of general electronics per household. Additional items will be accepted at regular prices. Regular fees are $.25/pound for most electronics, $.45/pound for printers & copiers, $10 each for flat panel monitors,...
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July 2017 Employee Spotlight

Notable Nominees: Charlie Andrade (Job coach), Brittany Kummer (Minot Day Supports), Shelly Hogue (ICF 1005) Module Certifications: Anne Francis, Courtney Rau, Carley Arellanes, Gaylene Desjarlais, Maddie Roder

June 2017 Employee Spotlight

Notable Nominees: Taylor Potter (DSP), Semian Bell (1005) Module Certifications: Angie Mortenson, Kelsey Patterson, Jerrica Azure, Ashley Counts, Tyler Willoughby, Amanda Mears, Chelsey McCammitt, Amber Anderson

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