April 2015 Employee Awards

nadeauCongrats to Monique Nadeau (Minot MSLA) for being selected as the April Employee of the Month. Monique recently implemented the MyPlate meal planning system with a group of people at MSLA.  In addition to preparing meals, she has involved people with meal preparation and incorporated conversations about nutrition and healthy eating, resulting in small but dramatic changes in people’s food choices. Kalix recognizes Monique for displaying the values: Dependability, Adaptability, Professionalism and Teamwork!


Congratulations to the other nominees: Jackie Trottier (Belcourt DSP), Kelly Cottrell (Minot DSP), Pete Burkhardsmeier (Minot DSP), Stephanie Marquez (Minot Job Coach), Bria Hughes (Minot MSLA), Corbyn Holter (TCLF 1109), Diana DeCoteau (TCLF 1109 Sub/Minot DSP), Amy Stewart (ICF 1005).

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Star of the Quarter

Team Nomination—Minot Laundry Assistants

star_quarter-mar15Front Row (L to R): Becky Kuntz, Joani Odden, Gene Nettleton, Borgi, Tatyana Nyabochwa Back Row (L to R):  Lyle Sorenson, Connie Berg, Dwight DeVries, Wayne Johnson, Brad Wilhelm Not Pictured: Bruce Haugeberg



Over the last three months, the laundry team has dealt with major equipment challenges and staff shortages.  The group responded with professionalism and teamwork – volunteering to perform extra tasks, work different shifts and overtime, doing whatever was needed to get the job done and keep the linen closets full at Trinity Hospital. Kalix recognizes the Laundry Team for displaying the values: Dependability, Adaptability, Professionalism and Teamwork!

Other STAR of the Quarter nominees include:  Jordon Lakoduk (Not pictured), Patty Sladek (CHC), Marietta Lemon (Receptionist), Aleshia Lucy (PMC), Tammy Azure (PS—Rolla DSP).

sladek lemonlucy azure