May 2016 Employee Awards

Being Proactive


Jesse Finch – 1007 MINOT

Jesse has demonstrated the exceptional ability to ensure that people have the greatest opportunity to achieve the best possible health.  In one instance, she recognized a potential medication shortage and took steps to ensure that the person did not miss any doses.  In another situation, her diligent monitoring of a person’s health condition and communicating her observations with other staff and medical personnel resulted in prompt and effective treatment.



Whitney Uran – Vocational Minot

Whitney’s knowledge of standards and teamwork approach combine to create results – programs working together to ensure that standards are met!


Notable Nominees for May: Bobbie Jo Jeter (DSP Minot), Mikkalah Lindgren (ICF Park Street), Amy Manthei (ISLA Langdon), Dawnice Williams (TCLF 1109)