January 2016 Employee Awards


trottier Jacqueline Trottier – Rolla DSP

Jackie was nominated as the result of progress by a person that she was recently assigned to support. As a result of her research and implementation, the person’s quality of life has dramatically improved.

Job Excellence


JoAnn Robbins – Minot DSP

JoAnn was nominated for her work with the sensory program – coordinating access, ensuring that DSP staff are familiar with the devices in the room, and introducing activities to people that she supports. Congratulations, JoAnn on a job well done.



Tiffany Gulbranson – DSP Minot

Tiffany was nominated for her skill and persistence with introducing new activities with a person, and the resulting success. In our industry, it’s normal for progress to be slow, but very rewarding when we see the impact and increase in quality of life. Thanks, Tiffany and Congrats!

Notable Nominees for December: Helen Desjarlais (Program Assistant Belcourt/Rolla), Kim McKay (DSP Minot), Monique Nadeau (MSLA Minot), TEAM: 1007 Support Staff