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Kalix is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation which provides individualized residential and vocational services to people with disabilities.

The organization is based in Minot, North Dakota with offices also located in Belcourt, Grand Forks, Langdon, and Rolla, North Dakota. Kalix is accredited by CQL (The Council on Quality and Leadership) and licensed by the North Dakota Department of Human Services.

The Minot Vocational Adjustment Workshop, Inc. adopted the Kalix name and logo in August 2012. It’s the same organization with the same corporate identity, management, employees, and excellence in service.

Kalix is pronounced with a short ‘a’ as in ‘cat’. The name comes from the Latin word ‘calx’, which literally translates to a chalk goal line, as seen on a football field. We selected the name because we help people with disabilities achieve goals.

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Kalix Garden 2016

The Kalix Day Supports Program has continued their gardening skills in 2016! A grant from the St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation provided materials and soil for constructing raised beds, tools, and seeds. The raised beds allow easy access by everybody. The purpose of the project is to offer gardening as a productive activity that builds a sense of accomplishment as well as provides a multi-sensory experience (feel the dirt and plants, see the plants grow more »

Kalix/CyclePoint Ribbon-Cutting in the News

On August 9th, a ribbon-cutting signaled the official start of Kalix participation in the CyclePoint network. After months of training and preparation, we are ready to take in electronics to dismantle for recycling. CyclePoint is an amazing venture – a nationwide network of organizations like Kalix that employ people with disabilities. Together, we can leverage and take advantage of the research and knowledge base that CyclePoint has built to work in the e-waste industry. Together, more »