The Power of Visual and Auditory Schedules

How many of us use calendars to remember important dates and appointments? The answer is pretty obvious. Most of us stay organized by writing down dates on a calendar or even programming it in a smart phone, but for some this isn’t enough.

The Jenda Voice Calendar is a simple to use calendar that allows you to record do lists, daily appointments, birthdays, and weekly or annual events on any day throughout the year. Once a message is recorded, a light blinks on the day it is scheduled to prompt the user to check for appointments. This is a great tool for those who have trouble reading events written on a typical calendar. If someone you know is interested in trying out Jenda, contact Krista.

For those who need a visual representation of the day’s events, the AutisMate app for iPad is a all-in-one application for visual schedules and routine building. AutisMate provides comprehensive video modeling and pictures that help fulfill daily routines, tasks analysis, reinforcement schedules, and so much more. Not only does it offer visual layouts, it also has a built in communication tool for those who have trouble communicating their wants and needs.