Switch Controls for Everyday Use

Many years ago, Kalix invested in PowerLink control units that could operate 2-4 electric appliances with a push of a switch. Many of these units are still being used in various programs to operate anything from table lamps, radios, Christmas lights, even an old school microwave. These PowerLinks have given the opportunity to control one’s environment to people whom otherwise wouldn’t be able to operate these everyday items without assistance. So let’s take a look at some other ways switch controls can increase independence and activity participation.

Switch Adapted TV Remote
– this remote allows the user to operate up to 5 switches for functions such as the ON/OFF, channel, and volume controls.Switch controlled TV remote


Switch Adapted Pouring Cup– switch adapted pouring units enable the user to participate in the measuring process while baking or cooking. It could also be used to help water house plants.

Switch Adapted Computer Mouse– the BIGtrack adapted mouse has a 3inch trackball with oversized left and right clicks to prevent accidental clicks. The BIGtrack also comes with 2 1/8″ plugs for switch access.

Fun Activities with PowerLink Control Units

Operate a Body Massage Pad– lay the massage pad on a favorite chair or the person’s bed and let them operate it with a switch.

Teach someone to make popcorn using an Air Popper– simply add kernels and press the switch.