Employee of the Year 2017

In only four years with Kalix, Sarah has been nominated for the Spotlight Award five times and selected twice. She has been recognized for outstanding medication administration, exceptional teamwork and positive attitude, and taking initiative to create constructive activities for people. In particular, her creative utilization of past experience as a basis for current community activity is recognized as a great way to encourage participation and maximize the benefits of physical activity and social engagement.

May 2017 Employee Spotlight

Notable Nominees: Kelly Cotrell (DSP), JoAnn Robbins (DSP), Linda Feldner (MSLA), Marissa Williams (MSLA), Spirit Shiffer (MSLA), Meredith Pfenning (MSLA) Lexi Grabow (DSP)

Kalix Featured in Minot Area Development Corporations Newsletter

Kalix was recently featured in the Minot Area Development Corporations newsletter regarding the Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership Program. In April 2016, Kalix launched the Kalix Employer/Employee Partnership (K.E.E.P.) Program, which partners with local businesses to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities. “The benefits for the employee are huge. It’s so much more than a paycheck, it allows individuals to be included in regular life activities and interact with people,” explained Borgi Beeler, President/CEO of Kalix. more »

April 2017 Employee Spotlight

Notable Nominees: Tammy Kloehn (1007), Mara Hintz, (PA), Dawn Evenson (DSP), Semian Bell (1005), Krista Opstedal (PD-AT) Module Certifications: Cherie Belgarde (Belcourt Program Assistant), Shirley Neal (Minot Day Services), Dana Bruns (1101)

Earth Day 2017

Come celebrate Earth Day with us at the Kalix Recycling Center! During the week of Earth Day, April 17th through 22nd, you can automatically earn double tokens for recyclables (excluding aluminum) that can be used like cash at Marketplace Foods. Save your aluminum for Friday, April 21st, when you will receive $0.40 per pound in tokens! And if you are one of the first 100 people to bring in plastic, you’ll receive a free giveaway, more »

March 2017 Employee Awards

Notable Nominees: Krista Opstedal (PD-AT), Adam Zuck (MSLA Minot)   New Module Certifications: Bridget Held (MSLA Minot), Jackie Nichols (MSLA Minot), Sheri Stromberg (CC Minot)

Buy Kalix Cookies Online!

As of today, Kalix cookies can now be ordered directly from our website. Just head on over to the shop, select the cookies you want, and follow the instructions to complete your order! This new shop should make ordering cookies from Kalix even simpler. Cookies are ordered by the dozen, and are available in small and large sizes with gourmet or traditional styles. Orders can be picked up during normal business hours or for added convenience, we more »
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