HomeSenser- Stay Safe When Cooking

How many of us have played out the following scenario: you put a pot on the burner and turn it on high, then the phone rings. Fifteen minutes later you remember the food on the stove and come back to find the pot has boiled over. Another scenario could be forgetting to set a timer on the oven and walking into a kitchen full of smoke. While there is some great products that can extinguish a stovetop fire, such as the FireStop, what if there was a device that could shut off the appliance before a fire could ignite? Well, the future is now!

The HomeSenser is a device that attaches to the stove terminal and gives visual and auditory alerts once the appliance is turned on and no motion is detected after 6 minutes. All it takes is walking past the motion sensor to continue cooking, but if no movement is detected, the HomeSenser will shut off the stove/oven after 8 minutes to prevent any accidents. The HomeSenser costs about $345 and doesn’t require professional installation, it can even be transferred to another stove in case someone moves to a new home.