Can’t Find Somthing? StickNFind It!

How many times have you played out the following scenario: You’re scrambling around trying to get out the door to go to work, you go to grab your keys and they’re no where to be found. You check the counters, the coat rack, your pockets, and after 10 minutes of frantic search they finally turn up.

Now imagine instead of frantically searching for an unnecessary amount of time, you simply send a message to your keys through your smartphone and voilà,  you find them!

StickNFind Stickers use Bluetooth sensors that can find any item they are placed on. The Stickers are about the size of a quarter and can be placed on any item such as: your keys, laptop, wallet, purse, pets, or anything precious that is at risk of losing. Using the free app (available for Android and iOS devices) you simply select the Sticker on the radar screen and track it. You can even press a button to make it buzz, flash, or do both, making it easy to find items in the dark. The Stickers are reasonably priced ($50 for two) and can be found here